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E-ListMail is the ideal solution for any size business, association, or nonprofit. It includes everything you need to create and send effective e-mail campaigns - in minutes. Groups with members in diverse locales use E-ListMail to share the burden of communicating efficiently & economically.

Associations: use the E-ListMail calendar to notify members of meetings and events.

Consultants: use E-ListMail to notify attendees of upcoming seminars.

Special Interest Groups: use E-ListMail to exchange ideas and discuss issues.

Software Companies: use E-ListMail to notify registered users of product updates.

Politicians: use E-ListMail to communicate with constituents.

Manufacturers: use E-ListMail to communicate with national and international sales forces.

Airlines: use E-ListMail to broadcast last minute travel deals to subscribers.

Educational Institutions: use E-ListMail to communicate with students and faculty.
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