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Collaborative E-mail Services (E-ListMail) - we offer a variety of collaborative services that increase the efficiency of your business. E-ListMail is used to communicate with customers or prospects. Each recipient receives a personalized message. Offer to put them on your e-mail list and then send them information when you're running a special, launching a new product, or just want them to remember you.

Easy to use...
• Nothing to download, nothing to install on your computer, it's all web-based.
• No technical expertise required.
• Integrated contact manager.
• Stand-alone or Group Accounts.

• Multiple email list management.
- Saved message drafts.
- History of sent emails with the message, date and recipients list.
- Opt in/out mechanism for recipients to be able to choose to receive or not.

• One to one personalization.
- Public and Private groups -- public groups (those are shared by everybody within a specific domain) and private groups (those will be user specific and contacts in those will not be shown to other users).

• Built-in HTML editor delivers HTML, text and attachments.
- Preview and test before delivery of HTML E-mails.
- Create and store message templates.

• May be integrated with your web member database or contact manager.
- Sorting by first name or last name or e-mail.

• Reports.
- Sent/bounced/opened/links followed.
- E-mail statistics page.

• Voice Call Directory.
- Have a voice directory as well as your E-mail directory.
- Free, quality telephone calls, including conference calls for up to 5 people, right from your E-ListMail panel.
- Use for as many contacts as you like by simply adding their number to your address book.

Calendar of Events with Automatic Notices:
• Automatically send meeting notices to various groups off of a calendar entry.
• Update your calendar with the event.
• E-mail to alert participants can be immediate, delayed or both.
• Export to your Web Site for a dynamic calendar page that all can see.

Download a PowerPoint Demonstration of our calendar or view an actual site using the automatic web site calendar at www.ghislainemahler.com.
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