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E-ListMail sends e-mails to many people at once with each message personalized to the recipient. More that just a simple listserv, E-ListMail is Web-based social network that allows e-mail messages to be edited and shared by multiple users, offering an easy and affordable way to communicate both within and outside your company.

Whether you want to trumpet a new product, spread the word about a sale, or simply say,"Hello, [first name], you are important to us," E-ListMail Marketing is a great way to communicate.

You don't need to be a technical or marketing whiz to get started. Just allow us to import a list of contacts while our designers create a custom template for your company using your logo and colors. For each campaign, you simply add photos and text. We provide tools for managing your subscribers and tracking deliveries.

E-ListMail can even create a Calendar for your web site and automatically notify participants of upcoming events (see demo).

Compare with other List E-mail Services
  This is Not Spam: Often Internet Service Providers (ISPs) block mass mailings of more than 50 - 100 at a time, forcing you to segment your e-mail contact list into meaningless groups. With E-ListMail there is No ISP involved - e-mails are sent from our servers, not the ISPs.

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